Mr.Clean Fabricare Centre.
School of dedicated cleaners.


The current industry structure reflects that majority
of the launderettes are self-taught entrepreneurs.
In fact, about 80% of them might not meet the standard
working ethics, causing the industry to be an easy target
for public critics, and resulting consumers to feel insecure
with the local 'dobi' culture.

MCFC (Mr.Clean Fabricare Centre), a subsidiary of Mr.Clean
Sdn Bhd
, provides professional training programmes dedicated
to the standards of professionalism in the laundry industry.
With a vision to create a knowledgeable and skillful workforce,
we provides a training platform to enhance one's
competitiveness in the global economy.

Beside that, MCFC also served as our study centre, to explore
about new fabrics and cleaning method, in order to keep
updated with fabric and fashion trend.


The objective of MCFC is to develop a professional
standard for the laundry industry. We believe that
a professional launderette offers more than just cleaning
clothes, they should provide good customer services,
professional business ethic and quality solution.

Who should participate?

Group 1 // Launderette operators.
All sizes and type of launderette
Group 2 // Academic Institution.
Vocational school, Polytechnic school
and Government institution.
Group 3 // Hospitality industry
Hotel & Resort, Service apartment
and Hospital management.

Group 4 // Industries Suppliers
Detergent supplier, Accessories supplier
and Machinery / Equipment supplier.
Group 5 // Garments Manufacturers
Fashion designer, Textile designer
and Home furnishing producer.
Group 6 // Launderette Investors
Personal investment and Corporate
Mr.Clean Fabricare Centre Training Programme

The MCFC training programme is a comprehensive
syllabus that covers various areas of laundry operation
from fundamental to advance skills, knowledge and
professional dexterity. The training programme involves
classroom theory and workshop practices with syllabus
designed to ensure participants to be involved in hands
on procedures using conventional and tensioning machines
and other tools. Participants have to complete and achieve
the minimum assessment rate to proceed to the subsequent
level. A certificate of recognition will be awarded upon
completion of the training programme.
Introduction DryCleaning
and Laundry

Course description
A 3-days programme are
involved classroom theory
and workshop practical.
Designed to assist individuals
new to the industry, including
employees, managers and
Who should attend
Anyone who consider
themselves as beginners.

3 Days.
The programme outline
1.1    Cleaning Processes.
1.2    Laundry Services.
1.3    Garments Identification.
1.4    Laundry Work Flow.
1.5    Production Steps.
1.6    Equipments.
1.7    Pricing Policy.
1.8    Textile Labelling.
1.9    Fibers and Fabrics - I.
1.10  Wet Cleaning.
1.11  Finishing - I.
1.12  Customer Service - I.
Advance DryCleaning
and Laundry

Course description
A 4-days programme are
involved classroom theory
and workshop practical
for individuals who have
completed Introduction
Programme. Designed to
further and train cleaners
with hand-on production
in drycleaning, stain removal
and finishing techniques.
Who should attend
Those who have completed
Introduction workshop.

4 Days.
The programme outline
2.1    Customer Service - II.
2.2    Fibers and Fabrics - II.
2.3    Finishing - II.
2.4    Stain Removal Procedures.
2.5    DryCleaning.
2.6    Wedding Gown Cleaning.
2.7    Leather & Suede Cleaning.
2.8    Glossary of Standard Terms.
2.9    Responsible for Damage
to Textile Products.
2.10  Hazard Communication
Comprehensive Dry Cleaning
and Laundry

Course description
A 6-days general programme
are involved classroom theory
and workshop practical is
made up of the Introduction
and Advance Programmes.
Who should attend
Those who plan to
set up a complete laundry
operation with professional
drycleaning service.

6 Days.
The programme outline
3.1    Cleaning Processes.
3.2    Laundry Services.
3.3    Garments Identification.
3.4    Laundry Work Flow.
3.5    Production Steps.
3.6    Equipments.
3.7    Pricing Policy.
3.8    Textile Labelling.
3.9    Fibers & Fabrics - I & II.
3.10  Wet Cleaning.
3.11  Finishing - I & II.
3.12  Stain Removal Procedures.
3.13  DryCleaning.
3.14  Customer Service - I & II.
3.15  Wedding Gown Cleaning.
3.16  Leather & Suede Cleaning
3.17  Glossary of Standard Terms.
3.18  Responsible for Damage
to Textile Products.
3.19  Hazard Communication
MCFC reserves the right to modify the programmes without prior notice.