10 basic steps to perfection.

Step 1 // Analyze
Analyze laundry items and advice on treatments.

Step 2 // Marking
Inspect individual status and damages.
Identify laundry items according to owner.

Step 3 // Sorting
Sort laundry items according to fibre contents,
colours and weight.

Step 4 // Pre-stain removing
Identify stain and apply treatment
to remove according to the type
of stain and fabric.
  • sorting fabric
  • analyze fabric
  • marking
  • pre-stain removing
Step 5 // Cleaning

5.1 Drycleaning
This process uses fluids instead of water to dissolve grease
and stains, picking up dirt where water can’t reach. While
dry cleaning helps to restore garment to mint condition,
precautions according to fabric type are closely monitored
to avoid unpleasant damages.

5.2 Wet cleaning
This process uses water and additives to remove dirt and soil
from fabrics. Constant monitoring needed to prevent damages
and the lost of color.

5.3 Special care
For garments with special fabrics and mixed fabrics, or stubborn
stains that needs extra attention, special treatment like hand
wash or bleaching is required according to specification.
  • dry cleaning
  • wet washing
  • hand wash
  • special care
Step 6 // Drying
Monitoring the correct temperature and timing for drying
is crucial in preventing over drying and mildew on fabrics.
Drying process should be sorted accordingly to fibre
contents and fabric weight.

Step 7 // Finishing
Advice will be given to determine whether
the garment should be treated in either
i) soft finish,
ii) hard finish,
iii) special finish;
according to fabric type.
  • blow dry
  • pressing and ironing
  • pressing and ironing
  • drying
Step 8 // Quality control
All cleaned garments must be closely inspected to
make sure all procedures are performed perfectly.
Minor sewing repairs are offered as a complimentary
value added service.

Step 9 // Packing
Cleaned garments are packed and labeled according
to number of items, number of packs and owner’s detail
for clear identification.

Step 10 // Inventory
Hanged garments are sorted on the automatic conveyor
system and packed garments are organized in the storage.
Customers will be informed via SMS for collection.
  • quality control
  • complimentary
  • gown cleaning
  • label

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